The Cicero Youth Task Force (CYTF)

Since 2004, the Cicero Youth Task Force (CYTF) has served as an outstanding model for effective community collaboration. Over the years, hundreds of individuals and organizations have provided tens of thousands of volunteer hours to improve conditions for Cicero children, youth and families. Through a variety of creative and bold initiatives, the Task Force has attracted more than $30,000,000 of public and private funds to tackle some of Cicero’s greatest challenges.

A suburb of Chicago — is empowering residents of all ages to improve community health and outcomes. In a Latino majority town where 45 percent of residents identify as immigrants, community members and organizations have rallied to keep their school-based health clinic open, prevent violence on school routes, provide safe and enriching afterschool programming, and increase access to early education. Community providers offer mental health counseling and trainings to help generate trauma awareness and combat its negative effects. Cicero’s efforts are guided by a collaborative of community stakeholders. Direct engagement with residents, parents, and young people has shaped solutions, setting the stage for a stronger community for future generations. Thanks to a strong collaborative spirit, Cicero is united in its mission to enhance quality of life for all.

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