About us

The Cicero Youth Task Force (CYTF)

From 2004-2017, the Cicero Youth Task Force (CYTF) served as an outstanding model for effective community collaboration. Over the years, hundreds of individuals and organizations have provided tens of thousands of volunteer hours to improve conditions for Cicero children, youth and families. Through a variety of creative and bold initiatives, the Task Force attracted more than $30,000,000 of public and private funds to tackle some of Cicero’s greatest challenges.

Because of that long, successful CYTF record of accomplishment, in 2015, the United Way of Metro Chicago selected Cicero as a Neighborhood Network community. United Way has committed generous resources over the next ten years to help our community build an even stronger, more organized coalition to improve conditions for Cicero families.

Cicero Community Collaborative

In 2017, the historical success of the Cicero Youth Task Froce, and the new energy and resources provided by the Cicero Neighborhood Network Project culminated in the creation of the Cicero Community Collaboration (CCC). Through the merger of ideas, talent, and passion to improve Cicero, the new Collaborative intends to be an active response to many of the challenges facing our local youth and families.